By Yudi Loefti


Crisp is an Internationally recognized and renowned Australian street artist originally from rural Australia. He has spent much of the last 2 decades traveling, working and living between Colombia and the UK, before finally returning home to Australia in 2017. He has been participating in art shows and the vibrant urban art scene and festivals around the world since 2009.

Crisp’s work has been displayed at numerous events, exhibitions and innovative projects. His murals can be seen in many cities across the world including Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Mexico City, Winnipeg, Sydney, Canberra, Armidale, Melbourne, London, Santa Marta, San Jose, Aruba, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Bogota.

His large-scale murals are renowned for bringing color, positivity and nature to community urban spaces. Turning once neglected and ignored parts of city and town into focal points of creative interest. Crisp believes it’s important that public spaces aren’t solely controlled by corporate advertising. Its only when artists and the cities true everyday inhabitants intervene in their surroundings that the city will truly express its own culture, feeling and self.

His love of nature and the evolution of organic life is strongly depicted in his animal pieces. These murals bring nature back into the cities and highlights their loss and dislocation in urban environments. Through his urban interventions he believes strongly in encouraging open discussion and triggering thinking about modern problems.